How could hunting whales harm the soil that grows our food?

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How might tiny robots help us prevent problems like this?

It turns out...

Whale poop brings massive amounts of nutrients to the surface of the ocean. 

Fewer whales means less poop.

Less poop means less food for some very small lifeforms. 

Less small life means less food for every species connected to it.

Slowing a massive food chain that includes bears and eagles in the mountains.

As a result of whaling, the amount of phosphorus transferred to land has dropped by over 90%

If we want to stop unintended effects, we need to think on multiple levels of abstraction. 

Whaling created lasting damage to a massive natural system.

Principles for better thinking.

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Easy ways to improve your problem solving skills.

Practice zoom-in, zoom-out thinking.

We live in a world largely designed by us.

We need LESS unconscious–destructive design. 

We need MORE creative–intentional design.

Viewing our actions from multiple perspectives can help us avoid unintentional harm.

Practice zoom-in zoom-out thinking by taking a hike.

Focus on the smallest interactions you can find.

As you hike... Zoom-in on the details.

Try to visualize how that little interaction contributes to everything that surrounds you.

Then... Zoom-out and think.

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