Why is pollution so hard to stop?

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Could robot blocks provide the insight needed to solve it?

Like many big problems, pollution is complex. There are few easy answers.

Pollution is more than a problem   it's a system.

As conventional approaches have already failed.

Persistent problems, like pollution, need new solutions.

We made it our mission to build better thinkers who can solve big problems.

New solutions need more holistic thinking.

Principles for better thinking.

Meet Cubelets'

Easy ways to improve your problem solving skills.

Know the nature of natural systems.

Einstein once said...

Look deep into nature and you'll understand everything better.

If you think about it...

Examining how nature works has taught us almost everything we know.

Biology, chemistry, & physics, are all models of nature. 

Models are powerful tools for learning and teaching.

Playing with models can help you build a deeper understanding of things.

Want to learn something new?

Find or build a model of how it works!

Run experiments with the models and see what results emerge.

Want to learn the nature behind all sorts of natural systems?

Try Cubelets – robot blocks we built with nature in mind.

Help develop new ways of thinking & creative problem-solving with Cubelets. 

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