Why is housing so expensive?

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Can robot blocks change how we we think about housing?

After thousands of years making houses...

Home ownership isn't accessible to everyone.

Like many persistent problems, housing needs new solutions.

Home ownership is more than a problem, it's an emergent effect.

We made it our mission to build better thinkers who can solve big problems.

New solutions need more creative thinkers.

Principles for better thinking.

Meet Cubelets'

Easy ways to improve your problem solving skills.

A creative brain is a connected brain.

Thanks to neuroplasticity, you can train your brain to think in new ways.

Healthy brains are flexible.  

Training your brain is hard work. You are literally creating new synaptic circuits.

New thinking creates new pathways.

New circuits build a more connected and creative mind.

Steve Jobs

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something ... they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things.

D.O. Hebb - Professor of Psychology, CMU

The secret is to develop alternative thinking styles, the way a switch-hitter develops alternative batting styles.

More pathways yield more ways to think through problems. 

Try new things to build more mental pathways.

Try some data analysis in Sheets or practice a little computational thinking while learning to code.

If you're more creative...

Try some simple sketching, painting, or sculpting. Start simple and make something with your hands.

If you're more analytical...

Or practice both with...

Cubelets are designed to help you develop new ways of thinking and creative problem-solving. 

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