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By: Modular Robotics

You might have seen our new Cubelets video. It blew up the internet a little bit last week and we were pretty excited to watch the real-time traffic and pre-orders roll in. The best part is reading and hearing the diverse feedback from the web.

One thing is clear: some Dutch people seem to have a little bit of self-hatred about their accents. Please don’t!. We have a lot of Dutch friends at Modular Robotics and we love speaking English with you. Your accent is melodic and sometimes totally hilarious. Did you notice that the voice is overdubbed? Nobody else noticed either.

We shot the video last Summer at Oli’s cabin in Conifer, Colorado. It was an epic day of fliming, Cubelets fiddling, and snacking on Edam. We’ve been editing and preparing it since then. I think the video is just straight awesome and I’m happy to share it with you. Thanks Evan, Justin, Todd, and our friends at BlorpCorp.


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