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Welcome to the Cubelets Community. You’re now part of a global group of educators teaching with Cubelets. To help you get started, here are some recommended starting points.

Review Kit Program

Try Cubelets Free for 10 days.

Cubelets Cycle

Reserve an Educator Pack and Lesson Plan Bundle for 1 month, 3 months, or more!

Cubelets 101.

Learn Cubelets and get continuing education credit in about 30 minutes.

  • Free online course.
  • Learn about all the Cubelets in your pack.
  • Learn how Cubelets work together.
If you’re working with students older than grade three, we recommend that you also complete Cubelets 102.

*Cubelets 101 requires ~30 minutes to complete. You must complete the course in one sitting as progress is not tracked or saved.

Introduction to Cubelets.

New to Cubelets? Get started with this handy Introduction to Cubelets designed for educators. This simple reference PDF will walk you through the basics of Cubelets in a step-by-step way and teach you six great robots you can build with your learners.

Lesson Plan Bundles.

Get everything you need to start with Cubelets in a handy printed reference book. Each bundle includes:

  • A grade-banded lesson book with 13 standards-aligned lesson plans.
  • Cubelets Activity cards for working with small groups.
  • Cubelets magnets for modeling and diagramming.
  • Student flashlights for helping with brightness investigations.
  • An anchoring chart.

These lessons are designed to introduce Cubelets to your students. They combine Gradual Release and Inquiry-Based lesson structures. Every lesson plan includes intervention and extension materials. You’ll also find teacher scripts and recommended questions to ask students as they explore.

Meet Your Cubelets Units.

These free lesson plans are available in fully-editable GoogleDocs and are aligned to each grade level. Mix and match between grade levels and units to develop your own customized Cubelets curriculum.

Virtual educator classes.

Already have Cubelets and don’t know what to do with them? Come join a licensed Cubelets educator for an online Cubelets class! It’s a great way to get to know Cubelets and do more with your robot blocks.


Join the educational conversation by viewing the archives of our #CubeletsChat community. These posts are written by educators for educators. 

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Do more.

Cubelets can truly be used at every level and in any classroom. Explore these resources to start connecting Cubelets to more subjects.

If you work in a makerspace, tinker lab, museum, library, club, camp, or other educational space, these are great resources for you too. 

Activity Cards.

Perfect for small groups. Cubelets Activity cards include 21 unique challenges designed for classroom, makerspaces, tinker labs, or anywhere where independent robot exploration is encourage! Each challenge is rated by difficulty making them great for beginners and masters alike.

Grab Bag lessons.

Cubelets get even better when they are connected to non-Cubelets content. Check out a few of our recommended ways to use Cubelets in every subject!

Computer Science Unit.

Designed specifically for the K-12 Computer Science Standards, this unit takes Cubelets to the next step as students investigate algorithms, computer networks, and different types of programming events.

Camp resources.

A three-hours-per-day, five-day unit designed just for you. All you need to do is recruit some campers! Includes printables like coloring pages, mazes, and puzzles all with Cubelets themes.

Robot ideas.

Looking for a little robot inspiration? Check out these robot ideas – then, get creative with Cubelets Console. Cubelets Console is a free web app to help you and your students take the next step. 

Cubelets Workshops.

(Professional Development)

Rolling out Cubelets at-scale? Want some implementation support? Consider our Professional Development options that can be tailored to your needs.

Show others.

Time for a classroom observation? Want to show Cubelets to a colleague? Just need some support? You’re in the right place.

Review Kit Program

Try Cubelets Free for 10 days.

Cubelets Cycle

Reserve an Educator Pack and Lesson Plan Bundle for 30, 60, or 90 days.

Admin checklist.

Showing Cubelets to a colleague? Cubelets robot blocks check each and every box. We do our best to make sure Cubelets are a complete solution for every educator – here is a handy checklist for nearly every need-to-know.

Help and warranty.

Can’t find what you need? Have a question about Cubelets? We’re here for you. Message us to get started.

Cubelets are tough but accidents happen. That’s why all Cubelets are backed by a one-year warranty

Purchasing Options.

No matter your situation, there’s a Cubelets solution for you. 

Have questions or want to discuss a purchase order?

Educator Packs for every classroom, camp, and museum.

Educator sets for learning stations and one-to-one resources.

Teacher Features.

Curious about what educators are doing with Cubelets? Check out some featured teachers to be inspired by educators making a difference.

Think you would make a great featured teacher? Please reach out, we’d love to hear what you’re doing with Cubelets!

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Frequently asked questions.

Cubelets FAQs is your place to find answers to common questions about Cubelets robot blocks, orders, and Modular Robotics.

Contact us.

Need help, can't find an answer? Contact the Modular Robotics support team and we'll help you!

Shipping and tax policies.

Get the details on Modular Robotics shipping policies and sales tax collection for orders in the United States and around the world.

Warranty and returns.

Cubelets are backed by a one year warranty. Need to make a claim, get a replacement, or have questions? Click to get started.

Cubelets Resources.

Everything you need to teach with Cubelets robot blocks.

Explore a huge collection of K-12 lessons, activities, guides, training, and more.

New to Cubelets?

Learn everything you need to know to start creating more with Cubelets robot blocks in this handy Getting Started Guide.

Go further with Cubelets apps.

Go beyond the building blocks and play with the code inside. Cubelets apps make it easy to create even more with your Cubelets.

Looking for some inspiration?

There are millions of robots you can create with Cubelets. Check out these robots to help inspire your inventions.

Shop Cubelets.


Cubelets robot blocks are used by educators all around the world to help students explore computational thinking, coding, and STEM. 

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