Cubelets Cycle.

The easy way to borrow and teach with Cubelets.

About Cycle.

Cubelets Cycle is the easy way to bring Cubelets to the classroom. It’s like an in-school field trip that brings Cubelets robot blocks and a beautiful book of grade-banded lesson plans to your class. When you’re finished teaching, drop them in the mail using the prepaid shipping label. Cubelets Cycle is the perfect way to get the tools you love when and where you need them.

How it works.


Pick your Cycle Bundle and lesson plan grade level. Then select the time period you'd like to have Cubelets in the classroom. Cubelets Cycle makes scheduling simple.


Modular Robotics will ship your Cycle Bundle so it arrives in time for your reserved time period. Use Cubelets and the accompanying lesson book to deliver delightful, insightful, standards-aligned lessons.


When your subscription period is complete. Pack up your Cubelets Cycle materials and return them using the prepaid shipping label.

Cubelets Cycle is a fixed-period rental program. Items are covered under a Modular Robotics warranty during the rental period. Items returned with normal wear and tear will not incur any additional charges. Items that have been deliberately damaged are subject to replacement charges equal to the retail value. Any items not returned within 20 days after the period end will be charged the equivalent retail cost.

Ways to use Cubelets Cycle.

Looking to elevate your summer camp with easy-to-use, accessible robotics? Cubelets Cycle comes supported: included lesson plans, free coaching from experienced educators, and even custom-made resources like this one. When you’re finished teaching, drop them in the mail using the prepaid shipping label.

Looking for more STEAM on the go? Cubelets are in many mobile makerspaces around the country, and Cubelets Cycle gives you the opportunity to introduce countless students to a new, accessible STEAM tool at a fraction of the cost. Kids can learn about Cubelet fundamentals in minutes! When you’re finished teaching, drop them in the mail using the prepaid shipping label.

Cubelets Cycle delivers the field trip right to your door. With one or three month borrowing options, Cubelets Cycle brings a hands-on robotics field trip to many classrooms (or many schools in your district). Cubelets are ready to use right out of the box! When you’re finished teaching, drop them in the mail using the prepaid shipping label.

What you get.

One pack of robot blocks.

Cubelets Cycle includes a full Cubelets Educator’s Pack. These packs are designed to meet the needs of a full classroom working in six groups. Your Cycle Bundle includes either a Mini Makers or Creative Constructors PLUS.

Your choice of a grade-banded lesson book.

One grade-banded lesson book.

Your Cycle Bundle also includes a grade-banded, standards-aligned lesson book for Cubelets. It’s the perfect way to become an expert robot educator in no time.

Free shipping and warranty.

Your Cubelets Bundle ships free both ways.* Plus, every robot block is covered under warranty. If you have anything that doesn’t work, just let us know, and we’ll send a free replacement.

*Cubelets Cycle and free shipping are only available in the United States of America at this time.

Pick your pack & grade level.

Need help?

Got questions about Cubelets Cycle? We’re here to help. Send us a message to get started.

What's on your mind?

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Frequently asked questions.

Cubelets FAQs is your place to find answers to common questions about Cubelets robot blocks, orders, and Modular Robotics.

Contact us.

Need help, can't find an answer? Contact the Modular Robotics support team and we'll help you!

Shipping and tax policies.

Get the details on Modular Robotics shipping policies and sales tax collection for orders in the United States and around the world.

Warranty and returns.

Cubelets are backed by a one year warranty. Need to make a claim, get a replacement, or have questions? Click to get started.

Cubelets Resources.

Everything you need to teach with Cubelets robot blocks.

Explore a huge collection of K-12 lessons, activities, guides, training, and more.

New to Cubelets?

Learn everything you need to know to start creating more with Cubelets robot blocks in this handy Getting Started Guide.

Go further with Cubelets apps.

Go beyond the building blocks and play with the code inside. Cubelets apps make it easy to create even more with your Cubelets.

Looking for some inspiration?

There are millions of robots you can create with Cubelets. Check out these robots to help inspire your inventions.

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Cubelets robot blocks are used by educators all around the world to help students explore computational thinking, coding, and STEM. 

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