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The following scope and sequence is designed for middle school and high school students who have never seen Cubelets before. Each lesson is intended to last 55 minutes and 5 lessons are designed as a one-week introduction to Cubelets so all students are familiar with the learning tool and can use Cubelets as tools for learning and modeling other concepts in your classroom . Please use your professional judgment in deciding when you need to repeat a lesson, skip a lesson, or combine two lessons based on your class and your students. These lessons are loosely based on the Mini Makers Educator Pack – HOWEVER, for Middle School and High School students, we strongly recommend either the Creative Constructors PLUS or Inspired Inventor Packs because they contain more advanced Cubelets for your older learners. You will notice many lesson plans reference having blocks beyond the Mini Maker for this reason. View the Google Docs version here.

Investigate Cubelets.



Students will investigate and be able to explain the role of each individual Cubelet.


Teachers look for:

  • Students can explain the role of each individual Cubelet.
  • Students are beginning to hypothesize about how each Cubelet could be useful within a larger system.

Investigate Two SENSES.


  • Review Cubelets Vocabulary and Group Norms.
  • Students investigate Cubelets constructions using two SENSE Cubelets.
  • Students discuss findings from the investigation.


Students investigate how SENSE Cubelets work together (and how they don’t).


Teachers look for:

  • Students can collaborate to discover at least two “rules” governing how SENSE Cubelets do and don’t work together

Steering Robots.


  • How do Tracked Vehicles turn?
  • Students design steering robot constructions.
  • Students share and compare designs.


Students will design multiple steering robot constructions.


Teachers look for:

  • Students using collaborative language.
  • Students comparing robot behavior to tracked vehicles.
  • Students revising and simplifying their robot construction.

Cubelets Challenges.


  • Students rotate through stations with unique combinations of Cubelets attempting to design for one common challenge.
  • Students share their responses to the challenge.


Students will use critical thinking skills to build a specific robot based on a description.


Teachers look for:

  • Students understand the description of a robot.
  • Students stay on task.
  • Students collaborate with peers.

Paper Coding.


  • Students investigate Cubelets robot construction.
  • Students investigate using paper plates/cardstock to make a robot walk in a straight line.


Students will use spatial reasoning and computational thinking skills to use paper as a programming tool for a robot construction.


Students can explain how their paper coding works, and talk about their design process.


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